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Guitar Lesson Reviews become repetitious, reading review after review on various websites.  The websites I recommend are online guitar lesson sites.  In fact, I rarely read a full guitar lesson review before going right to the site and checking it out.

Few reviews are not boring, repetitive, offer new information, or offer compelling evidence. Plus, it is more accurate to try some of the free features, get the ‘look and feel’ down, and experiment with a few lessons.  I reviewed both streaming online video websites such as Jamplay, and Guitar Tricks.


I personally examined the beginners guitar lessons, up to advanced, and their blues guitar lessons. Other websites such as Learn and Master Guitar are DVD guitar Lessons, and Free Guitar Lesson Videos, aka Watch and Learn Guitar offers outstanding instant video downloads.


The truth about learning guitar, for the majority of people, is private guitar lessons with a qualified tutor are the fastest, most thorough method, and, the best way to accomplish learning guitar in a pleasant manner.


For those interested in how I see the future of guitar lessons, guitar lessons by webcam, or Skype: they are affordable, highly effective, and save time. Consider guitar lessons by webcam locally, as opposed to the traditional idea that Skype is for long distance only. A much more pleasant thought than loading your guitar and equipment, then driving to a lesson, and waiting, or coming back to pick up your child.


I also offer home school guitar lessons within a reasonable distance of my guitar headquarters in Fort Pierce, Fl. 34982.  Think of it, you are in your comfort zone, perhaps you have your computer hooked to a big screen TV, with your guitar, and I am in my studio, with all of my tools to teach you guitar. Isn’t that a nice thought?


Have any questions?  Then click here and contact me with your question, I’ll get back to you ASAP.  Danny Lehrman 

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Guitar Students,

  • Method: Free Style/Freely: Private lessons, group lessons, in my studio, at your home, or, via webcam. 
  • Specialty: Beginners of all ages, Blues, Blues Shuffle, Blues Improvisation, Scales, Blues Scales, Chords, Structure, How to practice.
  • SRV, Stevie Ray Vaughan Licks, Jimi Hendrix Licks, and how to read tab and music.
  • The future method for delivering high quality private guitar lessons by webcam is Skype, it has arrived. By offing this option, my students can stay at home and not have to  lug a guitar and music book, have an outstanding lesson, at a very affordable price, and get your required lesson materials for free. My students can contact me for a refresher anytime, if they forget something. It is so easy to exchange lessons online, one of the fun parts are the free downloads I provide for every student. Skype has proven to be an excellent tool for delivering guitar lessons to absolute beginners of any age. For instance, I chose, and recommend that my students hook their computer to their big screen television, as a monitor. Another plus is instead of going to your home with guitars and gear, I can give you an excellent lesson, and have all of my equipment next to me, which includes my personal touch.
  • The truth is that I command more attention when I use Skype. My students pay closer attention. I offer guitar lessons in my Guitar Shed. It is a guitar studio in reality, however, I call it The Shed. That is where all famous guitar players practice, out back, in The Shed.
  • I’m not famous, however I might be able to make you famous. Or, offer you a fun, and inexpensive hobby you will devour you once you take some beginner guitar lessons with me. And don’t forget, I can deliver the same guitar lesson to a local resident, or someone out of town.
  • This post is offered by Guitar Players Center.com to Introduce you to Guitar Lessons by Webcam Live. Your official guitar lesson reviews, private guitar lessons,  and guitar lessons for beginners using Skype. The modern way to deliver a guitar lesson.
  • I offer special guitar lessons for seniors.
  •  Students may be defined as local or long distance. For many people, local private guitar lessons by Skype are appealing because none of the involved parties have to leave their place of comfort, and where their instruments, and materials are located.
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  • Danny Lehrman
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